Friday, August 7 2020

Does this suggest the Premier League are ‘Fit and Proper’?

Having heard the announcement about the Saudi PIF Newcastle United takeover bid last week, I experienced the same frustration as my friends, family and colleagues as the drama at our beloved club continues.We can hardly be surprised though, given the capacity to attract storylines worthy of a soap o

E E A Wood
Thursday, August 6 2020

7 nights in Scarborough and I didn’t see a single Newcastle United shirt

First time caller here.I have never previously written anything, for The Mag or anywhere else.Hopefully, this will make it onto the wonderful NUFC fan platform that is The Mag, even if it doesn’t though I feel that tapping something out on the keyboard will have done me some good anyway. Releasing t

A Alan Dawson
Thursday, August 6 2020

Newcastle United fans protest at Premier League HQ as AGM held – Photos

Newcastle United fans continue their protests against the takeover shambles that has been inflicted on the club, region and themselves.To coincide with the Premier League holding their AGM, NUFC supporters have protested outside the Premier League’s HQ.Members of the London Magpie Group turning up o

J Jim Robertson
Thursday, August 6 2020

Manchester City fan kicks off Newcastle United Takeover letters to The Mag

The Newcastle United takeover is of course the big (only?) topic of discussion and a Manchester City fan kicks us off first here with letters / opinions on the subject.A week ago (30 July 2020), the announcement by the Saudi PIF, Amanda Staveley and the Reuben brothers, was not what the NUFC fanbase

G Graham Porter